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3 Days of Prayer: May 14-16, 2021

We The People MUST UNITE and come together in Prayer and Fasting to show our solidarity. For 3 days Across the Nation we will be praying for the division to end that is ripping our country apart. We encourage all walks of faith and politics to participate in the 3 Days of Prayer.


There are those who seek to not only undermine our Sovereignty, but completely destroy our Republic. We The People MUST Defeat Tyranny & Drain The Swamp.


Join me & millions of others May 14-16, 2021 as we collectively Unite to Fast & Pray for 3 Days for Restoration Revival Revolution & the Healing of Our Land & Our People. First, We The People must Repent of the evil acts of our corporate government on our people here & abroad. We MUST humble ourselves & pray, seek HIS face, THEN He will heal our land! WWG1WGA


Remember Jonah & Nineveh. The entire population prayed and fasted & their Nation was saved from complete destruction. YHVH God wants to do the same for us! He is waiting for us to ACT! He invites us to do exactly that, & left us the blueprint in HIS WORD. Won't YOU join us!? has hosted events in December 2019 in DCMay 2020 in Manhattan, in August 2020 in Palm Beach, in December 2020 nationwide, in February 2021 leading up to a worldwide call to pray on February 21st for Moschiach aka Messiah  to come to bring RedemptionRestoration of ALL things, in March 2021 Nationwide as we completed our 50 states' initial assembly push & we entered the Passover Season, & now again in May 2021 Nationwide as we push to awaken the masses & we enter the season of Pentecost.

All may join us in the evenings LIVE on YouTube from wherever you may be.



We The People are tired of the division and are ready to put our differences behind us. 

Beginning Friday May 14, 2021 we will begin. It will continue until Sunday May 16th.


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